Friday, May 2, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Mess

Five Minute Friday

It's Friday, and I decided to celebrate the occasion by liking up with Lisa Jo Baker for 5 Minute Friday. For 5 Minute Friday, you write about the given prompt for 5 minutes straight with no editing.

Today's topic? Mess. As a constant mess maker, this is a topic in which I may very well be an expert at. Allow me to explain.

My house goes through two fazes: messy and somewhat decent. Don't get me wrong, I scrub toilets sweep floors, dust, and make sure it's not covered in filth and diseases. When it comes to putting items in their proper place, don't count on me.

Take keys, for instance. What the hell is so difficult about putting keys in the same place every time so as not to embark on the great key hunt every freaking time you want to go somewhere? I don't know why, but I struggle with this every day. I play the "where the hell are my keys" game nearly every time I'm about to walk out the door.

With that said, I think a constant disorganized state creates some adventure and fun in my life that otherwise might not be present. I mean, how boring would it be to say, "Alright, see ya later. I'm going to the grocery store," and then just grab your keys from their designated spot and head out the door?


  1. I can never find my keys either...or my badge for work-every morning.

    Let's call ourselves free spirits instead of messy, like we're liberated...instead of forgetful ;-)

    1. Yes, I also tend to think of myself as a free spirit. Who has time to be organized and put together all the time? Not me!

  2. i put my stuff in the same place about 90% of the time, then lose my freaking mind the other 10% because i'm convinced that someone broke into my house and stole only my slippers because theyre NOT where they ALWAYS are. i'm not crazy anal about it, and anyone walking into my closets would think i was a crazy person, but i know exactly what t-shirts are in which pile at any given time!

    1. Oh trust me, I have a crazy person closet as well.


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