Thursday, January 2, 2014

I knit something, and it wasn't totally hideous!

It is true.  I love knitting.  Recently, I have crossed the 'I am an embarrassingly horrible knitter' phase and have entered the phase of knitting things that are actually cute and do not look like a first grader knit them.  Check out the adorable cable knit headband that I made.  I was so proud of myself that I wore it all day today.

If any of you readers are knitters too and would like the pattern, I found it here:  It was super easy, minus the mattress stitch.  That was a new one for me, and I struggled with that part a little bit.  Nonetheless, I'm stoked about the finished product!

Stay tuned for the next project.  I'll be making another headband like this for my sister.  Also, Drew (the fiance) has been asking me to knit him an alligator for about a year now.  The alligator is a bit complicated.  I think I'll stick with more headbands for now.  Sorry Drew.  


  1. Firstly, I appreciate that mention of me made it to your pilot post! Secondly, I have also been thinking of starting a blog. It's odd how this often happens to us. I'm thinking of either using it as a platform to share creative writing pieces, or, to write about nonprofit/philanthropy/wealth musings. Maybe I’ll do both, or neither. Idk.

    Baking post! Baking post! Baking post!

    1. I have started other blogs in the past and was too shy to share them and deleted them right away. I'm sticking with this one though! You should start a blog! You could do two blogs if you wanted--a personal one with creative writing pieces and a professional one related to your field. I'd read them :).

      Ooooh a baking post is a DELICIOUS idea! That may be happening soon. You know I hardly go a few weeks without stuffing my face with treats.

    2. and by a few weeks, I think I mean a few days...


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