Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Confessions: Awkward Moments

When I found out that More than Cheese and Beer chose awkward moments as this week's Sunday Confessions topic, I was initially very excited and looking forward to contribute.  Then, I panicked.  And why did I panic?  Simply put, I have way too much material to work with on this subject.  Finally, I did come up with something though, and I think you guys will agree that it is indeed very awkward and embarrassing.

I kind of mentioned this in my I'll never do that again post, which consisted of a list of anti-advice based on stupid shit I have done.  It was item #13:  Make a horribly unflattering face at a party.  A stranger will take a picture of that horrible face and then make a meme about it.

It was my freshman year in college, I think.  I went to this party with a couple of my friends.  We knew a few people there, but not a lot, so we kind of just stuck together in our little group.  Keep in mind this was at a college keg.  Clearly, I had some beer that night.  In fact, I specifically recall getting really into a game of beer pong.

While I'm not sure if it was the excitement of the beer pong game or if I had a legitimate stroke, but something caused me to make the most horrible facial expression that had ever been created in the history of my face.  I wish I could describe what that face looked like, but there literally are no words to do it any justice.  Some asshole that I didn't even know at the party decided to snap a photo of me in the midst of my horribly unflattering facial expression.  I had no idea.

A day or two passed, and a friend sent me a link in my Facebook inbox.  It said, "LOL what were you doing?!" or something like that.  I clicked on the link, and there it face making a really crazy expression.  It also appeared that I spilled my drink on my shirt in that picture.  Beneath it, there was a caption that read, "The girl from The Ring...She lives next door!"  Having not seen the movie The Ring, I wasn't sure what they meant by that.  Judging by the appearance of my face in that picture, I knew the chances of it being a compliment were pretty low.  So, then I decided to Google the girl from the ring, and I found something like this...

My friends thought the whole thing was hilarious, and I kind of did too, but I'm not sure that I saw quite as much humor in it as they did.  

So there it most awkward moment, or at least the most awkward moment that I am willing to admit on my blog.  


  1. I want to see the meme. Then we can write better stuff to put on it. Most people are not creative enough to come up with the best insults or rumors about me, I am guessing you have the same issue because the girl from the ring is kind of cliche.

    1. Sadly, the meme is nowhere to be found. It was a long time ago. And that is so true...they could have said something more clever. It was kind of lame.

  2. The funny thing is that the kids these days do this on purpose to themselves, I guess it is kind of proactive genius. Nobody can use it as humiliation fodder when they are all over their own instagrams and snapchats.

  3. I'm very sad that the meme is no longer available.

    That is pretty embarrassing. I guess that's how memes happen.. people take unflattering pictures of other people and it spreads like wildfire on the internet. I've heard the dude who was Scumbag Steve is actually not like the memes at all. Poor dude.


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