Wednesday, January 15, 2014

People from Idaho

Upon telling people that I am from Idaho, I usually get one of two responses:
  1. You must eat a lot of potatoes then...
  2. Idaho?  Is that even a state?
Here are my answers/responses to the questions: 
  1. I eat the average amount of potatoes.  
  2. Yes, it is a state.  Quite a large state actually.  There just aren't a lot of people in it.
Idaho is not exactly known for being the most fabulous state in the nation.  I blame that on Sarah Palin for being a University of Idaho grad.  Why, Sarah?  Why did you have to attend college in our state?  Potatoes are also to blame...apparently there are a plethora of them growing in the Idaho soil, and people from other states really hang onto that fact.

Luckily, there are actually a couple of Idahoans that, in my opinion, kind of make Idaho look like less of a lame state.  Who are these people, you ask?  Keep reading.

Allie Brosh is from Idaho, and she is probably the most hilarious person in the history of the internet.  She is the writer of my favorite blog in the universe--  

She also wrote this amazing book.

Matt Inman from The Oatmeal is from Idaho too.  He also is one of the funniest people on the entire internet.  

Haven't seen his work? <-----Go there.  Enjoy.  

Josh Ritter is from Moscow, Idaho, which is the town I live in!

I mean, come on...who wouldn't love that dreamboat?

Did I leave anyone out?  There's always Bruce Willis, but he's not really FROM Idaho.

Dammit!  How did those get on here?


  1. The TV was invented in Idaho - that's always a good one :), also Walt Disney's wife, and Sacagawea.

  2. Those are good ones, too! Thanks Laura :)

  3. Johnny Depp i think. But hey this was interesting. And on a side note i dont think there is a thing on the world i would rather eat than a potato. As a matter of fact i am going for some right now.

  4. Oh really? I didn't know he was from Idaho. Potatoes are good, but I don't feel that living in Idaho has made me eat more of them. I do LOVE a baked potato though. It's one of those comfort foods.

  5. The random sack of potatoes lol good touch ;)

    1. Ha ha thanks Brook. I can't believe those snuck onto the post ;)


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