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Tickled Tuesday #1: Things Kids Say

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Tickled Tuesday #1: Things Kids Say

If you know me, you know that I love kids. I went to school to be a teacher, and I've worked with kids in various settings, such as preschool and kindergarten classrooms. I have learned many things from working with kids, but one main point that I'm going to emphasize is the fact that they are natural comedians. They are the kings and queens of one-liners, and most of the time they're not even trying to be funny. Yes, they're that good.

Without further ado, here are my top 5 favorite kid quotes that I decided to write about:

1. When I was student teaching in a kindergarten class, one of the kids brought a whoopi cushion in as his show and tell item. It was evident that he was really excited about his chosen object, as he couldn't contain his mischevious grin as he held it behind his back. When my mentor teacher and I noticed that he was holding a whoopi cushion in his hand, we just looked at each other and tried not to laugh. Wanting to be polite and not squelch his spirit, we asked him to please share his special toy with us and tell us a little bit about it. Very matter of factly, he said, "This is my whoopi cushion. I like it when it farts. Any questions or comments?"

2. My mom bought a pony for my younger siblings a long time ago. A few years ago, Penny (the pony) died. I believe my sister was 12 or so at the time. After hearing the news about her pony's passing, my sister was really sad. Here is the conversation that took place between my sister and my mom when she was finally ready to talk about it.

"Penny was like a mom to me."-Sister
"What? How was she like a mom to you?"-Mom
"Well, she always carried me around..."-Sister

3. The following conversation took place between a preschooler and I during nap time:

"We have to turn our voices off during nap time. This is a quiet time."-Me
"My dad says I only have to listen to my parents and God."-Preschooler

4. After prompting a preschooler for what other body parts he could add to the picture he was drawing of his dad (I was thinking something along the lines of ears, mouth, eyes, etc.), he said,"I know! I'll draw his wiener!" He then drew a protrusion coming from his dad's legs.

I can only imagine what he went home and told his parents that day. It was probably something along the lines of, "Miss Jackie told me to draw more of your body parts, and I drew a picture of your wiener for her."

5. During independent writing time, a kindergartener raises her hand for assistance.

"Do you need help sounding out a word?"-Me
"How do you spell pub crawl?"-Kindergartener
"Pub crawl?"-Me
"My mom went on a pub crawl this weekend."-Kindergartener

She then pointed to a picture she had drawn. It had four legs and appeared to be an animal. Assuming it was one of her pets, I asked her what it was. She said that it was her mom crawling home from the pub crawl. I'm not sure if she thought that's what a pub crawl actually was, or if the mother did in fact hit the bars so hard that she had to crawl through the front door.

So there you have it. Kids are the kings and queens of comedy. What funny things have you heard kids say? 


  1. "I'll draw his wiener!" I died laughing.

    1. Ha ha!! You never know what might come flying out of some of these little kids' mouths.

  2. i worked with 18-24 month olds for almost 2 years... the hardest i ever laughed was when another teacher and i were talking about how smart one of the little girls was... the little girl in question was standing between us as we were saying things like "she has a really great vocabulary, she picks up on new things so easily." at one point we smiled down at her, at which point the little girl grins back and screams "I GOTS BUTTONS"

    1. HA HA! That is hilarious! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. When my nephew was little, I used to tell him if he didn't behave I would bite him. I never actually did....it was just a funny little thing to say. "Watch out, or Auntie will bite you!". Well, it's all fun and games until it gets repeated in public. My nephew takes after me in his love of Halloween...I won't carry him, he goes until he is done, and the first year we took him, he did like 9 blocks. When he was 3, we had gone out and everyone else went home and I agreed to keep going with him. He was dressed as Elmo and I was in one of my many witch hats. We walked up to a porch with 2 guys sitting on it, and as we walked up one of the guys says "Oh no Elmo! Watch out or the witch will eat you! " and my nephew stopped looked him in the eye, nodded and solemnly said, "She bites me".

    I can only imagine what those people thought of me.

    1. Haha. You have to be careful what you say to kids....it WILL be repeated out of context someday!

  4. One time my son was really sick before daycare. It was one of those times that single mothers truly dread. I had to be at work that day. There was no way out of it. I would be the only one there that knew how to run things smoothly with my boss gone for the day and someone else filling in (I worked at a pharmacy with some pretty incompetent coworkers). I had no one else who could stay home with him either. He vomited twice. I cleaned his face up and asked him if he thought he could make it at daycare that day since I had to be at work. He looked up at me and said, "I'm alright, I'm alright. I just had one too many Yoo-hoos last night."

  5. I went on holiday a few years ago and one of the places we went to there were these enormous millipedes so I took a bunch of pictures of them. When I got back I showed my holiday photos, including the millipedes to my friends' little girl, I think she was four at the time. A few weeks later there was an election, which was obviously all over the news, and two of the people in it were called Milliband. The next time I saw the little girl she gravely asked me if I'd seen the news because those millipedes were getting everywhere, they were even taking over this country now.

  6. I know it's not Tuesday (and is too late to participate), but after reading this post I just had to write a post of my own!

    I love hearing the things kids say.


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