Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What if Wednesday: What if I could Fly

It's What if Wednesday with More Than Cheese and Beer. Today's topic is "What if I could fly."

photo credit: Danny Perez Photography via photopin cc

When people are asked what superpower they would choose, many of them choose the ability to fly. I totally get it. Flying would be awesome, liberating, and convenient. For me, it would also be somewhat scary.

I have a pretty intense fear of heights. In fact, standing on a ladder can sometimes be a terrifying experience for me. As long as I'm looking upward and onward at whatever I'm trying to reach while I'm standing on that top step of the ladder, I'm fine; however, I'm not fine when I decide to allow my eyes to peer downward onto the ground. That's when those feelings set in. You know, the butterflies in the stomach, the paranoia of falling, and the light-headedness. With that said, I'd have to really try hard to overcome my fear of heights if I wanted to put my flying power to good use. Either that, or I'd become a huge hermit.

Taking my paranoia into account, I'd make sure that I fly with safety in mind. I would carry a back-up parachute with me just in case I had a brain malfunction and forgot how to fly. These said malfunctions occur on a daily basis in the form of forgetting my email password, forgetting garbage day, forgetting to buy toilet paper, and other daily things that I should really remember. How could I trust that I wouldn't space out and totally forget how to fly? That's where the parachute comes in handy.

Sure, the parachute would protect me in case I forgot how to fly, but sometimes I'd need more protection than that. For instance, what if I'm flying over giant lake? That's why I would invest in some high quality water wings. Yes, the things we all wore when we were 4 and doggie paddling in the pee-infested public swimming pool. That way, if I'm flying over a body of water, I won't drown because my water wings will save me.

With the help of my protective gear, I would begin to appreciate my ability to fly. In fact, perhaps I'd even get cocky about it after a while.

Maybe I'd get really close to the windows of passing airplanes and wave to the passengers manically. I can just imagine a passenger looking out the window in hopes of seeing a beautiful bird's eye view of the scenery below, when suddenly they are interrupted by this flying water wing wearing maniac.

That visual sort of reminds of this scene in Liar Liar when Jim Carrey is trying to stop the plane.

I'd snap quick photos of the passengers' reactions. I'm assuming I can't access Instagram from that high up, so I would update my Instagram later on with the pictures. Of course, I'd need the perfect hashtags to accompany the photos. Something tells me #IGaveSomeoneAHeartAttack would be one of them.



  1. I used to have dreams of flying when I was young. I didn't have wings or any apparatus to assist me, just my own natural power or ability. I actually had these quite frequently. They were generally the same dream, different people and settings but same theme always. It was a bad guy or group of bad people chasing me and I'd run out of places to hide or run and have to "rise above" the danger in order to reach safety. It is probably not an unusual dream but my take off was almost counter intuitive. I would have to dive down at the ground and spread my arms out in a soaring type of fashion to take flight, and millimeters from smashing my face on the ground I'd catch air and fly to safety. There was always hesitation in making the dive, always the fear that it would not work, or the bad guy was close enough to catch me and ground me forever. But, believing in myself and possibly being driven by fear, my dive downward always resulted in a successful lift-off. I don't have those dreams anymore, perhaps I'm just always soaring now.

    1. Great response, Dia! I believe you are always soaring now :)

  2. I'd love to fly! I'd love to sit on trees and just shoot off whenever I want to :) although I've never considered how dangerous it would actually be till now! I agree on the wings to stop us drowning, great idea! Maybe with the parachute there could be one of those inflatable life jackets like when you go on plane? But ultimately, my superpower would be bending metal :) not sure why but for some weird reason, that's what I'd like!
    :) Fatima @

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Fatima! Blending metal would be an interesting power. I've never thought of that before.


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